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Young Aleena on her way home by DiamondAngelKharis Young Aleena on her way home :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 0 12 Beauty in the Imperfections- Let me Dream by DiamondAngelKharis Beauty in the Imperfections- Let me Dream :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 2 0 Chao Aikaterina Reference~ by DiamondAngelKharis Chao Aikaterina Reference~ :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 9 11 Tribal Julie-Su and the Master Emerald by DiamondAngelKharis Tribal Julie-Su and the Master Emerald :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 7 7 Tribal Julie-Su WIP by DiamondAngelKharis Tribal Julie-Su WIP :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 2 22
Strongest is the Heart- Chao Side Story +Kachina
Kharis walked the silent trails through the forest, well, as silent as could be as with the twittering belles accompanying her.
They were hosting a gathering at their estate for the high families and aristocracy from around the world, the matter pushed by the President as a way to introduce the polite society of their world to the Queen of Mobius. It had been scheduled for a sunny weekend before the Fall weather began, and Kharis felt herself constantly having to bite her tongue as she was met with two types of women at the gathering. Those high born ladies who glanced down at her with the contempt they would a maid of a lower station, or those who flocked around her to gossip and twitter about the royal family and her Diamond Heart.
Everyone was dressed in Old Victorian clothing fashions as the Nobility set themselves apart from the modern class. Kharis as well was dressed in an exquisite gown that Aleena had ordered to be made for her. A mixture of sunny yellow and deep emerald green
:icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 0 0
Beauty in the Imperfection -WIP by DiamondAngelKharis Beauty in the Imperfection -WIP :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 6 0 Beauty in the Imperfections-Lost Wonderings by DiamondAngelKharis Beauty in the Imperfections-Lost Wonderings :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 4 3 Baby Aria-Redo! by DiamondAngelKharis Baby Aria-Redo! :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 3 64
Book2: Strongest is the Heart of Chaos CH. 1
The following takes place before Shadow disappears from the White Void*** ((Please listen to "If Only" from the movie "Descendants" as you read to set the mood))
The days scrolled by interestingly enough for Kharis, she enjoyed spending time with the little 8 year old kit and often she spent the time brushing his fur for him after baths while he regaled her with tales of their adventures.
They did some digging, curious about her new form and it's mixed DNA. The rabbit ears she received were closest in appearance and texture of a Cashmere lop bunny. Her tail reminiscent of an Active Abyssinian.
Her fur was so soft, like that a of newborn bunnies despite it being so thick, the fur reaching to almost an inch and a half to 2 inches in length in most places and on her muzzle, torso and closer to her hands it shortened. So much so was it that she often had to deal with being petted by her friends as they enjoyed the plush softness. She didn't mind, though it made her blush heavily each time
:icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 0 0
Mature content
The Strongest is the Heart Ch. 11 :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 2 0
Brothers through Everything One-Shot
He was only 8 years old, and despite being a genius child he still had all the fears and insecurities that came from his young age. Most of his friends often forgot how young he truly was due to his vast array of knowledge and technical know-how...
He thought it was the end, as the small child panted, stumbled, and ran. His eyesight was blurred, though from the rain or his own tears he could no longer tell. His feet hurt, bare and unprotected from the harsh rocks and branches that covered the forest floor. Why was this happening?
His whole body throbbed, and he knew without a doubt that his arm was broken and one of his tails was sprained, disabling him from flying the skies to escape the terror he found himself in. The small body was littered with scratches, just deep enough that each drew a thin sliver of his crimson life source. How long ago was it that he had escaped from Doctor Eggman's fortress, who was chaos-bent on wanting to examine and experiment on the two-tailed fox kit? Wa
:icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 1 14
Redo! -All Grown Up by DiamondAngelKharis Redo! -All Grown Up :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 5 11 Taylor the Lioness-Gift by DiamondAngelKharis Taylor the Lioness-Gift :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 4 5 Sonia Free hand  by DiamondAngelKharis Sonia Free hand :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 5 17
The Strongest is the Heart Ch.10
The construction went smoothly for the most part, and the group was set to officially move into their new home within a scant 2 weeks. Queen Aleena was often busy, meeting with the President, practicing her magic in private and training Kharis and her daughter, Sonia when she so chose to join in the lessons.Manic was busy too, silently keeping tabs on their brother by checking in regularly with the guardian, Knuckles.
Kharis returned to work, and besides the training with the Queen and the weekly family movie nights, she felt dreadfully out-casted around the newest member. The secretary, sent by the Vice President to tend to all of the Royal Family's needs was an exceptionally beautiful and talented woman named Victoria.
Tall and slim with a knockout body and lush locks of hair that fell in a waterfall of curls all the way to her thick hips, she made Kharis feel exceedingly inadequate. And she knew it too.
The woman, when it was just Kharis and herself, was dreadfully rude and cruel. O
:icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 1 0

Fifth Member of Kharis' royal Guard? ((Other members are Aurora (O.C), Shard, Silver, and Julie-Su)) PT2 

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Kharis Ariadne
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United States
I dream to be a Lady,
A Princess
A Queen

I dream to be everything
And I wake up as Me.

24 years old and still going strong, I'm in college so if you're currently RolePlaying with me or thinking about doing so, then please understand replies can take a bit of time.

Please, fill free to read my stories, as I am always looking for helpful Critiques (not flamers) and suggestions though once more, updates on those are slow but still in progress.


Young Aleena on her way home
Base of Queen Alicia from Archie Sonic Comic- Please support and give proper credits!

This is young Princess Aleena Hedgehog on her way home from a ball she had been attending with her parents.

I do not own Queen Aleena, she is rightfully owned by DiC and is a wonderful character from the Sonic Underground Series.

I just love her so much!
I know I've used this quote already but It's so good!!! ((P.S= Please vote in my poll if able TT^TT)) 

Anybody can become angry—that is easy, but to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose, and in the right way—that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy. —Aristotle
No evil is honorable, but death is honorable; therefore death is not evil. —Zeno of Citium
That moment when you go to bed a little after midnight...and don't wake up till almost 1:30pm the next day 😂



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