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Diamond Heart by DiamondAngelKharis Diamond Heart :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 4 3
Short One Shot! A new home
The orphanage was silent, the elder children at mandatory school and the infants at their naps. A lone toddler at 2 years of age sat alone in her room. It was comparable to a large closet though, as she was the only one who occupied it. The other children avoided her, the adults only having enough interaction to keep her alive. Her pretty short blond hair laid lifeless against her pale skin, soft green/teal eyes still shined with hope despite the almost cruel conditions. She played with a tiny ball of light she had created, the reason the others avoided her.
Today was a special day, and she giggled happily as she sat on her bare bed with a little bag packed beside her. Today she was being adopted! Her new mommy had been a Volunteer at the Orphanage for a while, though her young mind couldn't distinquish what that really meant. The soft rhythmic footfalls alert her, and she's off her bed with the light dissipating the same moment the door opens.
"Let's go Home, Tryphosa." Her new mother
:icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 2 2
Previous Guardian of the Ruby Crescent by DiamondAngelKharis Previous Guardian of the Ruby Crescent :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 6 18 Beauty in the Imperfections - Meet Me by DiamondAngelKharis
Mature content
Beauty in the Imperfections - Meet Me :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 7 10
Sky Butterfly by DiamondAngelKharis Sky Butterfly :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 1 45 Beauty in the Imperfections - To the Light by DiamondAngelKharis Beauty in the Imperfections - To the Light :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 5 15 Arianna Delphine and Kachina -WIP by DiamondAngelKharis Arianna Delphine and Kachina -WIP :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 3 8 Corbin and I by DiamondAngelKharis Corbin and I :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 6 30 Lady Kharis Complete by DiamondAngelKharis Lady Kharis Complete :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 10 15 WIP Lady by DiamondAngelKharis WIP Lady :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 3 14 Beauty in the Imperfections-Mother and Daughter by DiamondAngelKharis Beauty in the Imperfections-Mother and Daughter :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 9 52 Kharis And Amy-Welcome back~ by DiamondAngelKharis Kharis And Amy-Welcome back~ :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 13 21 Kharis and Amy WIP by DiamondAngelKharis Kharis and Amy WIP :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 2 15 Beauty in the Imperfections- Dream of Spring by DiamondAngelKharis Beauty in the Imperfections- Dream of Spring :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 7 14 Kharis Lineart by DiamondAngelKharis Kharis Lineart :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 3 23 Princess Amy Rose of Mercia by DiamondAngelKharis Princess Amy Rose of Mercia :icondiamondangelkharis:DiamondAngelKharis 21 31

Do you think I could cosplay as Sakura from Tsubasa? 

7 deviants said Yes
1 deviant said GET BACK TO WORK (((;^; I'm trying to draw and write)))
No deviants said No
No deviants said To old ((24 is old?))



Kharis Ariadne
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I dream to be a Lady,
A Princess
A Queen

I dream to be everything
And I wake up as Me.

24 years old and still going strong, I'm in college so if you're currently RolePlaying with me or thinking about doing so, then please understand replies can take a bit of time.

Please, fill free to read my stories, as I am always looking for helpful Critiques (not flamers) and suggestions though once more, updates on those are slow but still in progress.


Watch "Stand in the Rain - Superchick [Lyrics]" on YouTube
Diamond Heart

It's so pretty and shiny *-* I love this....

Fun fact: You never know how weird you are until you completely snap from pressure. I ended up looking at the most famous gems in the world that has stories and legends of curses...Gotta say the Sancy and Regent Diamond curses are my fav, though the Hope Diamond is always the most famous.

The Diamond Shines with light of Purity
The Compassion shines with every cut
You break me down and pressure rises
Cut me down and try to break me.
It's only making me shine brighter.
Tagged by CaptainNinjaPants


How old are you?

I'm 24 years old! Going to be 25 in April!

What gender and pronouns do you identify with?

Female I think!  

Your name?   

Kristal! But I go by Kharis! I also respond to 'Hey! You!' Lol

How social are you?

 Define social...


How long have you been on deviantART? (Old accounts included)

Going on 9 to 10 I think? I'm no good with time XD

What are your future plans for the site?

Make friends that I can rely on and continue to post the Art I love for the Fandoms I adore!

Do you want to pursue a career in art?

 Not really, but I do want to continue to keep art in my life and use it in my career as a teacher!

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your art skills?

Honestly? Personally I would rate it as a 4. I'm definitely not that good but I wouldn't say I'm too terrible either. *shrugs*

Do you ever plan on leaving deviantART?

Nope, as long as there are wonderful people here that I can talk to I'm sticking around.

Who is your favorite visual artist?

Um...uh....I don't think I have the time or the ability to list that many!

Do you use a tablet or a mouse?

 I use a mouse sometimes, mostly the little touch pad that comes with laptops, I used to be fully traditional but I ended up practicing with digital more often so now I have to re-learn traditional again.... TT^TT

How long does it usually take you to complete your artwork?

A couple of hours if I can sit down and do it without distractions or anything. Though I have the attention span of a squirrel.....>.>

How well do you handle criticism?

I don't 'handle' well, though trying to get better at it.


What is your sexuality/romantic preference?


Are you currently in a relationship?

 Surprisingly? Yes! I have a wonderful boyfriend that - yes I met him online on a dating RPG Game - and we're still going strong 2 years later!

Is your partner/spouse a deviant? (If so, paste link to their profile here.)

He does but he isn't all lol. So nope, not posting it

How long have you been together?

Over 2 years - despite my terrible attention span!


cherry blossoms i green
cherry blossoms j green 
(((Ya'll don't have to do it, I just wanted to try lol))
  • Listening to: People talking in the Computer Lab of College
  • Reading: Project Assignments
  • Watching: Computer screens eat my humanity
  • Playing: Antiquia Lost before Bed
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
Watch "ZELDA VS PEACH RAP BATTLE by JT Machinima" on YouTube
Hey everyone! I'm sorry that I went MIA for the last week / week and a half. At least, I think it's lasted about that long. School has seriously killed me in some points but hopefully I can get back on and get to everyone's responses and see everybody's amazing artworks! I know a few of you may be super angry with me due to lack of response and activity and I can't express the amount of guilt I feel for it. I know a lot of people here who are in the same boat as me with going to both College and University at the same time as well as juggling a full time job and so the most I can hope for is a sense of understanding for the amount of pressure and stress I've had to deal with.

I also know certain people are waiting for the promised donations I give them and to who I am a Patreon for as well.
You'll get them, I promise, it's just taking me some time. I pay almost $250 each month for my college classes, and then I also have to focus on savings for the Anime Convention that's coming to Arkansas in November as well as the normal bills I pay monthly to help support myself, my sister and my parents.
I'm not making excuses, I am simply stating the facts on why I am unable to send the gifts every other week and pray people are understanding enough to not blow this out of proportion for one reason or another as I am trying my best.

For the time I've been away, I have not been able to draw past little doodles on some papers, barely talked to my Boyfriend, haven't been able to speak to my Imouto-hime ((You know who you are girl)) and honestly surprised I haven't snapped, though my family may say otherwise lol.

Hopefully things will start settling down again, and my teachers will stop conspiring behind the students backs to make every huge assignment due all at the same time including exams.

I have been able to do one thing to help with stress, I've found some fun games for my phone that's kept me calm and happy (enough) that I highly recommend.

For you fellow Digimon Obsessed fangirls and fanboys - Digimon Links!
    Super fun game where you get to raise, explore, and capture new Digimon - though will highly mess with you're understanding of Digi-evolutions.

For you RPG Turn Base gamers like moi
    Antiquia Lost - Absolutely obsessed. Great story line if you minus a few hiccups, adorable characters and has alternate endings. I bawled at one of the 'normal' endings I received. No joke.

Past that, I am excited to dive back in here and talk to all of my precious friends again, and I hope everyone was and is doing great!
  • Listening to: People talking in the Computer Lab of College
  • Reading: Project Assignments
  • Watching: Computer screens eat my humanity
  • Playing: Antiquia Lost before Bed
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing



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